Ningbo Planetary Gearbox Factory

MingYa Center, No.1 BaiSha Road, Ningbo, China

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Ningbo Planetary Gearbox Factory (NBPG) is a symbol of quality craftsmanship in China. Founded in 1988, we specialize in the manufacturing of slewing drives, wheel drives, track drives, winch drives, and planetary gear reducers. Our assortment of gearboxes are used in a variety of applications including construction machinery, petroleum, coal, geological exploration, shipping, metallurgy, solar power, wind power, agriculture, and environmental protection.

After years of developmental success, our products are internationally recognized for their quality. We export our gearboxes to many places in the world, including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Germany, USA, Canada, Spain,Australia, Turkey, and India. We are a consistently growing enterprise that seeks to satisfy our customers no matter their location.

Located in Ningbo, our company operates a production facility that manufactures our NB3 series planetary gearboxes, NB4 series traveling gearboxes, NB7 series slewing gearboxes, and NB6 series wheel drive planetary gearboxes. Our gearboxes are available in over 10,000 configurations in order to meet the demands of any application. We are ISO9001: 2008 certified. In terms of mounting dimensions and technical performance, our industrial gearbox is equivalent or similar to the same type of products of world-renowned brands, which allows interchangeable use.If required, we can provide customized gear reducers.

Our Equipment
  • CNC Gear Grinding Machine
  • Gear Measuring Machine
  • CNC Gear Shaper
  • Machining Center
  • CMMs
  • Torque Test System

NBPG is a gearbox specialist. We can answer all of your questions and supply you with quality products and services.