Ningbo Planetary Gearbox Factory

MingYa Center, No.1 BaiSha Road, Ningbo, China

Tel.: +86-574-88398872

Fax: +86-574-88398873


Since our establishment in 1988, we have been committed to producing various planetary gear reducers. We employ fully automatic integrated machining centers, as well as many high-quality CNC gear grinding machines, CNC gear shaping machines, and CNC machine tools, to ensure the high precision of our parts. All of our employees are professionally trained to be the very best in the business. As a professional gearbox manufacturer, we use modern computer systems to achieve full responsiveness within the entire operation, and have passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification.

  • Factory
  • Factory interior view
  • Machining center
  • Large gear shaping machine
  • CNC gear grinding machine
  • CNC gear shaping machine

Testing Instruments
  • Gear precision measuring instrument
  • Torque measuring instrument
  • Hardness tester

  • Coordinate measuring instrument
  • Paint thickness test
  • Factory test
  • Products ready for shipment
  • Packed into cartons and ready for delivery