Planetary Gearbox for Metallurgical Mining Machinery

In the metallurgical industry, a stably and reliably running gearbox can determine whether the entire production line can work properly. Failure of the gear set can lead to serious consequences. Usually, the gearhead works even in heavy-duty, high shock load, high or low speed, high temperature, high pollution, and other harsh operating environments.

Equipped with high-performance bearings, our gear reducers can meet the demanding needs of the metallurgical industry. The gearbox can be used on crushing machines, grinding machines, dryers, sand making machines, vibrating feeders, grab steel machines, crawler loaders, and other metallurgical and mining machines.

  • Planetary Gearbox for hydraulic side dump rock loader
  • Planetary Gearbox for traction mechanism
  • Planetary Gearbox for crawler hydraulic crawler loader
  • Planetary Gearbox for forging manipulator