Ningbo Planetary Gearbox Factory

MingYa Center, No.1 BaiSha Road, Ningbo, China

Tel.: +86-574-88398872

Fax: +86-574-88398873


Parts Service
We operate our own spare parts warehouse to provide customers with our original accessories. Our main products include:
Input component kits: a variety of standard IEC motor interface components, and standard hydraulicmotor interface components.

Deceleration component kits: a variety of ring gears, planet carriers, planet wheels, and sun wheels.

Output component kits: a variety of output shafts and shaft parts.

Most of the above accessories are specially made for our gearboxes, so they cannot be purchased at retail stores. Only our original accessories can ensure full compatibility and trouble-free operation. If you have doubts about the source of accessories, please contact us immediately.

Training Service
We also provide training on the facts and uses of our gear reducers. We supply training manuals and CDs for customers outside of China, and on-line training is available upon request.

The contents of the training include
1. To help understand and be able to use our gear drives correctly.
2. To help know how to deal with problems and carry out maintenance.
3. To help learn about the product manufacturing process.

The purposes of the training are
1. To establish closer relationships with customers.
2. To learn from customer feedback and experience.
3. To build trusting relationships.

Advice and Assistance
Our company will work closely with the customer within the entire product life cycle. As a professional gearbox manufacturer, we have accumulated very rich expertise in dealing with these products, and these skills and knowledge will help us to provide the best gearbox solutions for any number of issues that may arise.