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Ningbo Planetary Gearbox Factory (NBPG) was founded in 1988 as a professional planetary gearbox manufacturer. Our NB3 series planetary gearbox, NB4 series traveling gearbox, NB7 series slewing drive, NB6 series wheel drive planetary gearbox has developed into 10,000 kinds of specifications, with gear ratio range of 3.3 ~ 9000 and output torque range of 500 ~ 450000N.m. More than 90% of our gear units are exported to the USA, Europe, Australia, South America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. As a manufacturer with 25 years of production experience, we provide planetary gearboxes that have the entirely consistent dimensions with those made by famous manufacturers in Europe and the US so as to enable interchangeable use, including:

Trasmital Bonfiglioli,Brevini Riduttori, Bosch Rexroth, Comer Industries, Reggiana Riduttori, Rossi, Zollern

  • Trasmital Bonfiglioli

  • 300L 1 300L 2 300L 3 300L 4 300R2 300R3 300R4
    301L 1 301L 2 301L 3 301L 4 301R2 301R3 301R4
    303L 1 303L 2 303L 3 303L 4 303R2 303R3 303R4
    305L 1 305L 2 305L 3 305L 4 305R2 305R3 305R4
    306L 1 306L 2 306L 3 306L 4 306R2 306R3 306R4
    307L 1 307L 2 307L 3 307L 4 307R2 307R3 307R4
    309L 1 309L 2 309L 3 309L 4 309R2 309R3 309R4
    310L 1 310L 2 310L 3 310L 4 310R2 310R3 310R4
    311L 1 311L 2 311L 3 311L 4 311R2 311R3 311R4
    313L 1 313L 2 313L 3 313L 4 313R2 313R3 313R4
    315L 1 315L 2 315L 3 315L 4   315R3 315R4
    316L 1 316L 2 316L 3 316L 4   316R3 316R4
    317L 1 317L 2 317L 3 317L 4   317R3 317R4
    318L 1 318L 2 318L 3 318L 4     318R4
    319L 1 319L 2 319L 3 319L 4     319R4
    321L 1 321L 2 321L 3 321L 4     321R4

    The NB400T series track drive can be alternatives to the following models of Trasmital Bonfiglioli

    700C 1H 701C 1 703C 2H 705C 2H 706C 3H 707C 3B 709C 3B
    710C 3B 711C 3B 715C 3B 716C 3B 717C 3H 718C 3H 720C 3H

    The NB700L series slewing drive can be alternatives to the following models of Trasmital Bonfiglioli

    700T1F 701T1F 703T2F 705T2F 705T2L 706T2N 707T2N
    709T2N 710T2N 711T2C 711T2F 713T3N 715T3N  
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  • Brevini Riduttori

  • EM1010 ED2010 ET3010 EQ4010 EC2010 EC3010 EC4010
    EM1020 ED2020 ET3020 EQ4020 EC2020 EC3020 EC4020
    EM1030 ED2030 ET3030 EQ4030 EC2030 EC3030 EC4030
    EC4040 ED2040 ET3040 EQ4040 EC2040 EC3040 EC4040
    EM1045 ED2045 ET3045 EQ4045 EC2045 EC3045 EC4045
    EM1046 ED2046 ET3046 EQ4046 EC2046 EC3046 EC4046
    EM1065 ED2065 ET3065 EQ4065 EC2065 EC3065 EC4065
    EM1067 ED2067 ET3067 EQ4067 EC2067 EC3067 EC4067
    EM1090 ED2090 ET3090 EQ4090 EC2090 EC3090 EC4090
    EM1091 ED2091 ET3091 EQ4091 EC2091 EC3091 EC4091
    EM1150 ED2150 ET3150 EQ4150 EC2150 EC3150 EC4150
    EM1155 ED2155 ET3155 EQ4155 EC2155 EC3155 EC4155
    EM1250 ED2250 ET3250 EQ4250 EC2250 EC3250 EC4250
    EM1255 ED2255 ET3255 EQ4255 EC2255 EC3255 EC4255
    EM1320 ED2320 ET3320 EQ4320 EC2320 EC3320 EC4320
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  • Bosch Rexroth

  • Our planetary gear unit, wheel drive gearbox, winch drive gearbox, track drive gearbox can be interchangeable with the following models of Bosch Rexroth

    GFT09T2 GFT13T2 GFT17T2 GFT17T3 GFT24T3 GFT26T2 GFT36T3
    GFB40T2 GFB50T3 GFB60T2 GFB60T3 GFB80T3 GFB110T4 GFT160T3
    GFT220T3 GFT260T3 GFT330T3 GFT450T3      
    GFT13W2 GFT17W2 GFT17W3 GFT24W2 GFT26W2 GFT36W3 GFT40W2
    GFT50W3 GFT60W3 GFT80W3 GFT110W3 GFT160W3 GFT220W3 GFT330W3
    GFB09T2 GFB17T2 GFB17T3 GFB24T3 GFB26T2 GFB36T3 GFB40T2
    GFB50T3 GFB60T2 GFB60T3 GFB80T3 GFB110T3 GFB110T4  

    Note: Our planetary gearbox, wheel drive gearbox, winch drive gearbox, and track drive gearbox, are exactly the same with Bosch Rexroth in installation dimensions, and almost the same withBosch Rexroth in performance parameters. So our gear reducers and Bosch Rexroth's can be used interchangeably.

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  • Comer Industries

  • PG101 PG102 PG103 PG104 PGA102 PGA103 PGA104
    PG161 PG162 PG163 PG164 PGA162 PGA163 PGA164
    PG251 PG252 PG253 PG254 PGA252 PGA253 PGA254
    PG501 PG502 PG503 PG504 PGA502 PGA503 PGA504
    PG701 PG702 PG703 PG704 PGA702 PGA703 PGA704
    PG1001 PG1002 PG1003 PG1004 PGA1002 PGA1003 PGA1004
    PG1601 PG1602 PG1603 PG1604 PGA1602 PGA1603 PGA1604
    PG1801 PG1802 PG1803 PG1804 PGA1802 PGA1803 PGA1804
    PG2501 PG2502 PG2503 PG2504 PGA2502 PGA2503 PGA2504
    PG3001 PG3002 PG3003 PG3004 PGA3002 PGA3003 PGA3004
    PG3501 PG3502 PG3503 PG3504 PGA3502 PGA3503 PGA3504
    PG5001 PG5002 PG5003 PG5004 PGA5002 PGA5003 PGA5004
    PG6501 PG6502 PG6503 PG6504 PGA6502 PGA6503 PGA6504
    PG9001 PG9002 PG9003 PG9004   PGA9003 PGA9004
    PG14001 PG14002 PG14003 PG14004 PGA14003 PGA14004 PGA14005
    PG18001 PG18002 PG18003 PG18004 PGA18003 PGA18004 PGA18005
    PG22001 PG22002 PG22003 PG22004 PGA22003 PGA22004 PGA22005
    PG33001 PG33002 PG33003 PG33004 PGA33003 PGA33004 PGA33005
    PG40001 PG40002 PG40003 PG40004 PGA40003 PGA40004 PGA40005
    PG55001 PG55002 PG55003 PG55004 PGA55003 PGA55004 PGA55005
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  • Reggiana Riduttori

  • RR65 RR65D RR65T RR65Q RA65 RA65D RA65T
    RR105 RR105D RR105T RR105Q RA105 RA105D RA105T
    RR110 RR110D RR110T RR110Q RA110 RA110D RA110T
    RR210 RR210D RR210T RR210Q RA210 RA210D RA210T
    RR310 RR310D RR310T RR310Q RA310 RA310D RA310T
    RR510 RR510D RR510T RR510Q RA510 RA510D RA510T
    RR710 RR710D RR710T RR710Q RA710 RA710D RA710T
    RR810 RR810D RR810T RR810Q RA810 RA810D RA810T
    RR1010 RR1010D RR1010T RR1010Q RA1010 RA1010D RA1010T
    RR1700 RR1700D RR1700T RR1700Q RA1700 RA1700D RA1700T
    RR2700 RR2700D RR2700T RR2700Q RA2700 RA2700D RA2700T
    RR3500 RR3500D RR3500T RR3500Q RA3500 RA3500D RA3500T
    RR5000 RR5000D RR5000T RR5000Q RA5000 RA5000D RA5000T
    RR6300 RR6300D RR6300T RR6300Q RA6300 RA6300D RA6300T
    RR8000 RR8000D RR8000T RR8000Q   RA8000D RA8000T
    RR12500 RR12500D RR12500T RR12500Q   RA12500D RA12500T
    RR16000 RR16000D RR16000T RR16000Q   RA16000D RA16000T
    RR32000 RR32000D RR32000T RR32000Q   RA32000D RA32000T
    RR40000 RR40000D RR40000T RR40000Q   RA40000D RA40000T
    RR510V1 RR710V1 RR810V1 RR1010V1 RR1700V1 RR2700V1 RR3500V1
    RR810Z1 RR1010Z1 RR1700Z1 RR2700Z1 RR3500Z1 RR5000Z1 RR6300Z1
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  • Rossi

  • R2E200 R3E200 R4E200 MR2E200 MR3E200 MR4E200
    R2E201 R3E201 R4E201 MR2E201 MR3E201 MR4E201
    R2E240 R3E240 R4E240 MR2E240 MR3E240 MR4E240
    R2E241 R3E241 R4E241 MR2E241 MR3E241 MR4E241
    R2E280 R3E280 R4E280 MR2E280 MR3E280 MR4E280
    R2E355 R3E355 R4E355 MR2E355 MR3E355 MR4E355
    R2E428 R3E428 R4E428 MR2E428 MR3E428 MR4E428
    R2E429 R3E429 R4E429 MR2E429 MR3E429 MR4E429
    R2E445 R3E445 R4E445 MR2E445 MR3E445 MR4E445
    R2E446 R3E446 R4E446 MR2E446 MR3E446 MR4E446
    R2E542 R3E542 R4E542 MR2E542 MR3E542 MR4E542
    R2E543 R3E543 R4E543 MR2E543 MR3E543 MR4E543
    R2E695 R3E695 R4E695 MR2E695 MR3E695 MR4E695
    R2E696 R3E696 R4E696 MR2E696 MR3E696 MR4E696
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  • Zollern

  • Our planetary gear unit, wheel drive gearbox, winch drive gearbox, track drive gearbox can be interchangeable with the following models of Zollern

    ZHP3.13 ZHP3.15 ZHP3.19 ZHP3.20 ZHP3.22 ZHP3.24 ZHP3.25
    ZHP3.27 ZHP3.29 ZHP3.31 ZHP3.32      

    Note: Our planetary gearbox, wheel drive gearbox, winch drive gearbox, and track drive unit, are exactly the same with Zollern in installation dimensions, and almost the same with Zollern in performance parameters. So our gear reducers and Zollern' can be used interchangeably.

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  • Auburn Gear

  • NBPG Type Auburn Gear Type Max. Torque N.m Range of Ratios ( i ) Max. Input Speed (rpm) Braking Torque (N.m)
    3TA4 3T2A4 2200 3.54-12.19 3500 120-370
    4TA4` 4T2A5` 4520 3.67-13.87 3500 260-440
    6WA, 6WA1,6WB 6WB1,6WAF, 6WA1F,6WBF 6WB1F 6WA,6WB,6WA1,6WAF 6WB1,6WBF,6WBC 6WBD,6W2B,6W2B1 6W2B2,6W2A,6W2A1 6W2A2,7WB,7WB1 7WB2,7WBF1,7WA 7WA1,AWA2,7WAF1 7000 2.62-30.38 3500 150-440
    6TA, 6TAF,6TB 6TBF,6SA, 6SAF, 6SBF 6SC 6TA,6TA2,6TA4,6TA5 6TB,6TC,6SA,6SA2 6SB,6SC,6TAF,6TBF 6SAF,6SBF,6S2A2,6S2B 6S2A,6S2C,7SA,7SA2 7SB,7SC,7SKOO 7000 3.81-35.31 3500 150-440
    6RA,6RB 6FA,6FB 6RA,6RA2,6RA4,6RA5 6RB,6RC,6FA,6FA2, 6FA4,6FA5,6FB,6FC 6TKOO,6SKOO 7000 3.81-35.31 3500 150-440
    6SW1,6SW2 6SW3,6SW4 6SW1,6SW2 6SW3,6SW4 5650 3.81-35.31 3500 150-440
    8WB,8WB1,8WC 8WB4,8WB5 8WC4,8WC5 8WB,8WB1,BWB4 8WB5,8WC,8WC4,8WC5 8W2B,8W2B3,8W2B5 8W2C,8W2C2,8W2C5 8W2C6,9WB1,9WB2 9WB3,9WC1,9WC2 9WC3 14000 15-50 3500 160-440
    8TA,8TA1,8TB 8TB1,8TC,8TC1 8TD,8TD1,8SA 8SA1,8SB,8SB1 8SC,8SC1 8TA,8TA1,8TC,8TC1 8TD,8TD1,8SA,8SA1 8SB,8SB1,8SC,8SC1 8SKOO,8S1KOO,8T2A 8T2A1,8T2C,8T2C1 8T2D,8T2D1,8S2A 8S2A1,8S2B,8S2B1,8S2C 8S2C1,8S2KOO 8S21KOO,9SA1,9SA2 9SB1,9SC1,9SC2,9SB2 9SKOO,9S1KOO 18000 28-140 3500 430
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