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Our planetary gear unit, wheel drive gearbox, winch drive gearbox, and track drive unit can be interchangeable with the following models produced by Brevini Riduttori

EM1010 ED2010 ET3010 EQ4010 EC2010 EC3010 EC4010
EM1020 ED2020 ET3020 EQ4020 EC2020 EC3020 EC4020
EM1030 ED2030 ET3030 EQ4030 EC2030 EC3030 EC4030
EC4040 ED2040 ET3040 EQ4040 EC2040 EC3040 EC4040
EM1045 ED2045 ET3045 EQ4045 EC2045 EC3045 EC4045
EM1046 ED2046 ET3046 EQ4046 EC2046 EC3046 EC4046
EM1065 ED2065 ET3065 EQ4065 EC2065 EC3065 EC4065
EM1067 ED2067 ET3067 EQ4067 EC2067 EC3067 EC4067
EM1090 ED2090 ET3090 EQ4090 EC2090 EC3090 EC4090
EM1091 ED2091 ET3091 EQ4091 EC2091 EC3091 EC4091
EM1150 ED2150 ET3150 EQ4150 EC2150 EC3150 EC4150
EM1155 ED2155 ET3155 EQ4155 EC2155 EC3155 EC4155
EM1250 ED2250 ET3250 EQ4250 EC2250 EC3250 EC4250
EM1255 ED2255 ET3255 EQ4255 EC2255 EC3255 EC4255
EM1320 ED2320 ET3320 EQ4320 EC2320 EC3320 EC4320
CTD Series
CTD1020 CTD2051 CTD2100 CTD3150 CTD3200 CTD3300 CTD3500 CTD3700
CTU Series
CTU3150 CTU3200 CTU3300 CTU3500 CTU3700
PW Series
PWD2100 PWD3150 PWD3200 PWD3300 PWD3500 PWD3700
SL Series
SL3001 SL3002 SL3003 SL3004 SC3002 SC3003 SC3004
SL4001 SL4002 SL4003 SL4004 SC4002 SC4003 SC4004
SL6001 SL6002 SL6003 SL6004 SC6002 SC6003 SC6004
SL8501 SL8502 SL8503 SL8504 SC8502 SC8503 SC8504
SL12001 SL12002 SL12003 SL12004 SC12002 SC12003 SC12004
SL18001 SL18002 SL18003 SL18004 SC18002 SC18003 SC18004
SL25001 SL25002 SL25003 SL25004 SC25002 SC25003 SC25004
SL35001 SL35002 SL35003 SL35004 SC35002 SC35003 SC35004
SLS3002 SLS3003 SLS4002 SLS4003      
RPR Series
RPR2046 RPR3046 RPR2065 PR3065 RPR2150 RPR3150 RPR2250
RPR3250 RPR2255 RPR3255 RPR2320 RPR3320 RPR2600 RPR3600
RPR2800 RPR3800          

Note: Our planetary gearbox, wheel drive gearbox, winch drive gearbox, and track drive gearbox, are exactly the same with Brevini Riduttori in installation dimensions, and almost the same withBrevini Riduttori in performance parameters. So our gear reducers and Brevini Riduttori'scan be used interchangeably.