Ningbo Planetary Gearbox Factory

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Our planetary gear unit, wheel drive gearbox, winch drive gearbox, track drive gearbox can be interchangeable with the following models of Comer Industries

PG101 PG102 PG103 PG104 PGA102 PGA103 PGA104
PG161 PG162 PG163 PG164 PGA162 PGA163 PGA164
PG251 PG252 PG253 PG254 PGA252 PGA253 PGA254
PG501 PG502 PG503 PG504 PGA502 PGA503 PGA504
PG701 PG702 PG703 PG704 PGA702 PGA703 PGA704
PG1001 PG1002 PG1003 PG1004 PGA1002 PGA1003 PGA1004
PG1601 PG1602 PG1603 PG1604 PGA1602 PGA1603 PGA1604
PG1801 PG1802 PG1803 PG1804 PGA1802 PGA1803 PGA1804
PG2501 PG2502 PG2503 PG2504 PGA2502 PGA2503 PGA2504
PG3001 PG3002 PG3003 PG3004 PGA3002 PGA3003 PGA3004
PG3501 PG3502 PG3503 PG3504 PGA3502 PGA3503 PGA3504
PG5001 PG5002 PG5003 PG5004 PGA5002 PGA5003 PGA5004
PG6501 PG6502 PG6503 PG6504 PGA6502 PGA6503 PGA6504
PG9001 PG9002 PG9003 PG9004   PGA9003 PGA9004
PG14001 PG14002 PG14003 PG14004 PGA14003 PGA14004 PGA14005
PG18001 PG18002 PG18003 PG18004 PGA18003 PGA18004 PGA18005
PG22001 PG22002 PG22003 PG22004 PGA22003 PGA22004 PGA22005
PG33001 PG33002 PG33003 PG33004 PGA33003 PGA33004 PGA33005
PG40001 PG40002 PG40003 PG40004 PGA40003 PGA40004 PGA40005
PG55001 PG55002 PG55003 PG55004 PGA55003 PGA55004 PGA55005

Note: Our planetary gearbox, wheel drive gearbox, winch drive gearbox, and track drive gearbox, are exactly the same with Comer Industries in installation dimensions, and almost the same with Comer Industries in performance parameters. So our gear reducers and Comer Industries' can be used interchangeably.