Ningbo Planetary Gearbox Factory

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Our planetary gear unit, wheel drive gearbox, winch drive gearbox, track drive gearbox can be interchangeable with the following models of Rossi

R2E200 R3E200 R4E200 MR2E200 MR3E200 MR4E200
R2E201 R3E201 R4E201 MR2E201 MR3E201 MR4E201
R2E240 R3E240 R4E240 MR2E240 MR3E240 MR4E240
R2E241 R3E241 R4E241 MR2E241 MR3E241 MR4E241
R2E280 R3E280 R4E280 MR2E280 MR3E280 MR4E280
R2E355 R3E355 R4E355 MR2E355 MR3E355 MR4E355
R2E428 R3E428 R4E428 MR2E428 MR3E428 MR4E428
R2E429 R3E429 R4E429 MR2E429 MR3E429 MR4E429
R2E445 R3E445 R4E445 MR2E445 MR3E445 MR4E445
R2E446 R3E446 R4E446 MR2E446 MR3E446 MR4E446
R2E542 R3E542 R4E542 MR2E542 MR3E542 MR4E542
R2E543 R3E543 R4E543 MR2E543 MR3E543 MR4E543
R2E695 R3E695 R4E695 MR2E695 MR3E695 MR4E695
R2E696 R3E696 R4E696 MR2E696 MR3E696 MR4E696
RCE200 RC2E200 RC3E200 MRCE200 MRC2E200 MRC3E200
RCE201 RC2E201 RC3E201 MRCE201 MRC2E201 MRC3E201
RCE240 RC2E240 RC3E240 MRCE240 MRC2E240 MRC3E240
RCE241 RC2E241 RC3E241 MRCE241 MRC2E241 MRC3E241
RCE280 RC2E280 RC3E280 MRCE280 MRC2E280 MRC3E280
RCE355 RC2E355 RC3E355 MRCE355 MRC2E355 MRC3E355
RCE428 RC2E428 RC3E428 MRCE428 MRC2E428 MRC3E428
RCE429 RC2E429 RC3E429 MRCE429 MRC2E429 MRC3E429
RCE445 RC2E445 RC3E445 MRCE445 MRC2E445 MRC3E445
RCE446 RC2E446 RC3E446 MRCE446 MRC2E446 MRC3E446
RCE542 RC2E542 RC3E542 MRCE542 MRC2E542 MRC3E542
RCE543 RC2E543 RC3E543 MRCE543 MRC2E543 MRC3E543
RCE695 RC2E695 RC3E695 MRCE695 MRC2E695 MRC3E695
RCE696 RC2E696 RC3E696 MRCE696 MRC2E696 MRC3E696

Note: Our planetary gearbox, wheel drive gearbox, winch drive gearbox, and track drive gearbox, are exactly the same with Rossi in installation dimensions, and almost the same with Rossi in performance parameters. So our gear reducers and Rossi' can be used interchangeably.